Database-Manager 2.1

A small tool to manipulate dBase - FoxPro DBF files
2.1.1 (See all)

This program is intended to perform several manipulations to FoxPro and dBase (DBF) files, even to create new ones based on XML definitions or directly from the program. The basic idea behind this piece of software is to manage some popular formats of such "legacy" DBF-based databases, particularly under Windows Vista systems (it seems to be some limitations under this SO...another reason for choosing any other one, like XP or Ubuntu).
You can create your own DBF files from within the program, change its structure and add/modify/delete records, among other operations.
The most interesting (and quite hidden) feature of this program is the 3-level security access control, password protected. When the program starts, it will ask you a password. You can establish three different access levels for your colleagues at work, in order to hide some features that they don't need. According to the README file, you can use a master password to change the other ones according to each security level.
One word of caution: you can just hit ENTER when the program starts, but most of the features will remain hidden (level 0). And...before starting to use the program, please READ the README contains much useful info.
The user interface of the program is quite unintuitive, and really needs to be polished a lot.
If for some reason you are "forced" to work with such legacy databases, then you may consider give this program a try; after all, it's free.

Review summary


  • Works under Windows Vista


  • User interface is ugly
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